Hunting Footwear

Keep Your Feet Comfortable & Dry While Hunting No Matter What Weather Conditions or Terrain You are Trudging Through with MUCK Boot Company’s 100% Waterproof Footwear. Here We Offer the Best All-Seasons Rubber Boots That Are Durable, Comfortable, Flexible & Easy to Slide On-And-Off, The Perfect Gear for Any Northern Hunter or Avid Outdoors Man or Woman.

Hunting is a well loved outdoor sport among many and has been for years. Many love the time of solitude if hunting alone, or others enjoy the get together with their buddies at the hunting camp with lots of food and good times. Although a fun past time, it can be a very expensive way to spend your leisure time with all the hunting gear. Hunters like to ensure they are using and wearing the best, as the time spent and success of the hunt, is important to them. It costs quite a lot outfitting yourself for outdoor hunting, as there's a lot of gear you need to take out in the bush, or in the field, depending on what game you are pursuing and what season you're venturing out in. You want to make sure you are comfortable both walking about and sitting in your blind. It's important to wear quality footwear that keeps you comfortable, dry and at the perfect temperature. Settling for cheap footwear will cost you extra in the long run as it will not last as long, will not feel as comfortable and your feet will get cold and uncomfortable.

While hunting outdoors, you often have to travel a number of different terrains. You may need to walk through the bush, a wet swamp or rough field and then cross a fence or even climb a tree. So, it's important to have footwear and gear that is waterproof, comfortable and has a high traction sole. Your hunting boots also need to keep your feet warm so that when you are sitting or standing still, waiting for that prize opportunity, your feet don't get cold. Plain old rubber boots can crack easily, are slippery and don't keep your feet warm. While wearing winter boots might keep you feet warm, they aren’t guaranteed to be waterproof and end up leaking or wearing out along the seams faster than you'd like. MUCK Boot Company offers rubber boots that have all these qualities and more. There are all different styles in many different natural earth tones or mossy oak and realtree camouflage patterns perfect for blending in with your outdoor environment. There are MUCK Boot styles for all seasons including insulated styles for extreme cold winter and others that are non-insulated and can be worn in the spring/summer.

Here at our online store we carry several styles of the best 3-seasons hunting boots that are ideal for both women and men. We offer the MUCK Boot brand, which has a specific line of hunting boots that are ideal for trudging around outdoors no matter what the weather. MUCK Boots are 100% waterproof as they have no laces or seams. They come insulated if hunting in the winter or up North and are super easy to slip on and off with their fold down neoprene uppers. Hunting MUCK boots come equipped for multiple terrains, are extremely comfortable. What sets MUCK Boot Company’s rubber boots apart from the rest is their comfort level, high-traction soles, flexibility with easy on-and-off, and their waterproof qualities. They are the perfect all-around outdoor hunting boots and will make your hunting experience more enjoyable. They are high-quality boots guaranteed to last longer than cheaply make rubber boots. Customers who invest in MUCK boots will continue to keep this brand in their hunting gear. It is a tool that hunters cannot do without.

At Canadian Great Outdoors, we have for sale a variety of hunting gear, including hunting boots, that we feel are essential for today's Canadian outdoors men and women. We feel that the MUCK Boot brand is superior to most other winter and rubber boots around so we are sure you will be pleased with this product. The MUCK Boot Company stands behind their brand and has a manufacturers warrantee for any defects in the boot. If you have any questions or need help processing your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have fast shipping and affordable footwear prices. Our safe and secure self checkout allows you to shop whenever you want too and from the comfort of your own home. We can help you with sizing and can help recommend a style that will suite your hunting needs. Please shop from our hunting page today for the best MUCK hunting rubber boots and gear around!