Children's Footwear

Keep Your Children Dry & Warm with Knee High Waterproof MUCK Boots. Here We Have Casual Kids MUCK Rubber Boots That Are Comfortable & Long Lasting for Sale at the Best Discount Prices.

Children love to play outside no matter what the weather or season. In their minds, it's bring on the sunshine, rain or snow as it doesn't seem to keep them from playing or exploring the outdoors. Due to the fact that kids enjoy playing outside, most children wear out their winter boots by the end of 1 season. It seems that even if you buy kids boots large enough to fit for more than a season, they don't last that long anyways. The problem doesn't end here, for once spring arrives you need a new pair of boots for the wet/rainy season. It can also be quite difficult to find rubber boots that won't crack and leak by the end of the spring so you find yourself needing to buy a new pair of rubber boots for the fall as well. The vicious cycle of buying cheap footwear for kids seems to never end!

What you need is high quality 3-season boots that are waterproof and will keep your child's feet warm in cold winter conditions. This style of kids boot needs to be casual and preferably knee high so in deep snow and rain puddles, your child will remain protected from the elements. You also want winter/rain boots that easily stay fresh and clean so they look and feel great while wearing them. Children also desire to wear footwear that is easy to take on and off. They are constantly on the go and chances are they are wearing several layers so since the boots are the last to go on, they want something they can put on quickly and easily.

The MUCK Boot company offers the best outdoor footwear for kids. They have a full line of children's waterproof boots that can easily replace all the kids outdoor footwear in your house. There are boots for extreme cold conditions or for everyday casual outdoor use. MUCK Boots has 3-season boots that can work as both a rubber and winter boot so 1 pair of outdoor footwear will work year round for your child. Unlike your average cheaply made rubber or winter boots, MUCK Boots are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. They are made with a high traction sole so that your child won't slip around while walking in icy conditions. Kids MUCK Boots feature a wrap around rubber outsole for stability and self cleaning, with a flexible neoprene upper that has a wide opening making them super easy to fold down or slip on and off. MUCK Boots have no laces, Velcro, clips or snaps making them ideal for tucking under snow pants or rain suits. They are super easy to quickly put on with no effort at all, so kids love wearing them. All our kids footwear is extremely comfortable featuring a PK mesh lining that is breathable so your child's foot won't sweat keeping it at the perfect temperature while outside no matter how warm or cool it gets. We also carry a select line of MUCK hunting boots that are camo patterned to suit your child or youth's hunting needs for sport. Otherwise, most of our kids MUCK Boot footwear has a solid dark base colour such as black or navy, with the choice of several fun bright colours found on the cuff of the boot and the ribbed edge of the sole, giving the boot colourful character. MUCK Boots for children are both functional and fashionable and your kids won't wear them out, even though they'll get a ton of use!

Canadian Great Outdoors is a completely online store that carries the MUCK Boot brand. We believe our kids boots to be quality outdoor footwear that we have found to be tried, tested and true. MUCK Boots makes extremely durable footwear that lasts for years due to the high quality materials used. They are easy to keep clean, never leak and are extremely comfortable to wear. We have several styles on sale and have made our website easy to browse and shop for the right style and size for your child. At Canadian Great Outdoors we strive to please our customers and are happy to help you at anytime. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance placing an order or have questions about the MUCK Boot brand or product. Our guaranteed safe and secure checkout system with fast and economical shipping allows you to shop and spend with ease, right from the comfort of your own home. Your child will enjoy the comfort, fashion and ease of kids MUCK Boots so give a pair a try today!