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Nils Master - Dueler Ice Fishing Lures

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Catch more fish at the lake or on your outdoor sports fishing trip with the best, long-lasting fishing lures. Here at our online shop we have a large selection of Nils Master tackle for anglers including jiggers, trolling spoons, wobblers, spinners and vertical jigs for open water, ice fishing, fresh water & sea fishing.

Fishing is a sport that is well loved by many avid outdoors men and women. Although there are many benefits to enjoying the outdoors, most fishermen and women like to catch fish when they go fishing at a nearby by lake or on a fishing trip. As much as fishing is a hobby, it is also a sport that has great reward and excitement when you catch your prize fish. By the time you purchase all of your equipment and licenses, fishing can become an expensive sport, not to mention filling your tackle box with all the right lures and accessories. Fishing involves both technique and the proper tools. If you do not have a good fishing lure on the end of your rod, you might not catch any fish no matter what technique you are applying. Fishing lures can add up quickly and if they do not catch you any fish, the dent in your wallet can be frustration. When shopping at retail shops for angler supplies, fishing lures and tackle, it is important to shop for lures that have been successfully tested and have caught the types of fish you are trying to catch. Fishing lures that catch you a lot of fish are great, but you also want fishing lures that are durable and will last you more than one season. Buying quality fishing lures for fresh water, ice fishing on lakes or ocean sporting trips will save you money in the long run since you will be buying a proven product that will last you years.

Testimonial on Nils Master Lures
"Have been using Nils Master for 5 years"
"Nils Masters speak for themselves, they really do work"
Fishing lures and tackle made by reputable companies such as Nils Master is every outdoorsmen and women’s ticket to catching fish in lakes or oceans. Nils Master offers a large variety of different styles of lures for all types of angler fishing in every season. Their lures have been proven to catch Bass, Perch, Pike, Salmon, Pickerel (Walleye), Trout and a large amount of other fish species. Their sports and recreation fishing lures are for open water, ice fishing, fresh water and sea water. Their legendary lures are handcrafted from Finland and known around the world. Nils Master has perfected the lures’ swimming action in the way that they imitate prey fish. Because of this, Nils Master fishing lures and tackle have caught record amounts of fish. It is the unique swimming action and effective colour combinations which makes these angler fishing lures so effective. Nils Master lures were the first fishing tackle to use unusual colours and their fishing results were excellent. The Nils Master retail product range is extensive. Trolling spoons, wobblers, spinners and jigs (jiggers) have not been the same since Nils Master sport and recreation lures came on the market with their vertical stripes and parrot colouring. They even have some that glow which also helps with catching lake or ocean fish.

Nils Master makes high quality sport and recreating fishing lures and tackle out of superb materials that are durable and long-lasting. Their fishing lures are high-end lures that are worth every penny because they catch you fish in fresh water lakes and oceans. When you buy cheap, non-effective angler lures, you end up waisting money with trial and error, trying all types and colours and styles only to find that they do not catch fish. Nils Master lures work well on the first try. Nils Master is a family business from Finland that cherishes handicraft and traditions of high quality with the latest technology. For fifty years Nils Master tackle has proved that the effect that the lure creates is more important than the external imitation. Before a Nils Master lure is ready for packaging, it has gone through over 22 different work stages by hand. Each sport and recreation angler fishing lure made by Nils Master is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging and ready for retail shops or outdoor use in open water or ice fishing.

Here we sell a variety of Nils Master Master sports and recreation fishing lures and tackle in many different colours and styles imported directly from Findland. We are currently the one and only official Nils Master supplier in Canada. If there is an open water or ice fishing lure that you do not see, contact us and we can special order it for you. We ship worldwide and make it easy for you to find your favourite sports and recreation Nils Master lure for fresh water lakes or oceans. Here at Canadian Great Outdoors we are happy to answer your questions and strive to provide excellent customer service. We are available by phone or email if you have any questions or need help placing your order. We have a 100% secure checkout system and fast economical shipping rates. Start catching more fish today with Nils Master lures and tackle.

Click Here to view the Nils Master Catalogue. If you see an item here you would like us to carry, please email us at Today Nils Master & Bete lures are names familiar to fishermen around the world. We also plan on providing retailers with special bulk discounts in the near future, contact us if you wish to carry Nils Master angler fishing lures in your shop.