Why Kids Hale Muck Boots Are Better Than Your Average Rubber Boot

May 17, 2017


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Instead of getting your kids a cheap pair of casual rubber boots this spring, why not invest in a pair of 3 season MUCK boots? Kids Hale MUCK Boots are superior to any regular kids rain boots because they offer these great features:

1 - Wrap-Around Outsole

With a better tread and more traction than traditional rubber boots, your kids are more likely to stay on their feet while in the rain puddles rather than slipping, sliding and falling in the mud. Kids Hale MUCK Boots offer children great stability on their feet.

2 - Wide Opening

Similar to most rubber boots, Hale MUCK boots slip on and off easily so there's no need to have to buckle or tie up your kids boots. Children can easily put them on themselves which saves time and energy while trying to get ready to go out the door.

3 - PK Mesh Lining

Kids Hale MUCK Boots are made with a flexible Neoprene upper that can be rolled down for easy on and off access. The flexibility of the Neoprene is much better than cheap rubber boots because the material won't crack and therefore ensures the upper stays waterproof. The specialized PK mesh lining is waterproof yet breathable so children's feet stay dry and don't sweat while wearing these MUCK's.

4 - Flex-Foam Sole

The Hale MUCK Boots, 4mm CR flex foam sole, is designed as a comfortable, cushioning insole that will give your children's feet the support they need while walking around outside.

5 - Ribbed Outsole

One of the Hales's most distinguishing features is the design and material the outsole is made of that keeps the mud from caking onto the outside of the boot. Parents are thankful that their children wear self cleaning MUCK boots instead of dirty rain boots when they come in the house after a day outdoors in the spring.

6 - Versatile Comfort Range

Hale MUCK Boots can be used year around as winter boots or rain boots. These high quality boots will keep kids feet warm down to -10°C in the winter and for those warmer days trudging through mud puddles in the spring, comfortable up to 18°C.

If you try Kids Hale MUCK Boots for your children we are sure they will love them. Choose from some fun and bright colour options for both boys and girls. Made to last, all our MUCK gear is meant to pass along to other family members to make use of once one child is done with them. We have timely shipping and hope to get some new Kids MUCK Boots shipped to your family right away so your kids can enjoy the muck, mud and puddles without getting any of it on them or in your house!

Francine Scheuermann


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