3 Reasons Why Thermohair Socks Are Therapeutic

March 04, 2016

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As you may already know, Mohair is the first hair sheared from a baby Angora goat. Kid mohair is extremely fine and the most soft and expensive of all the mohair grades, making it the perfect yarn for socks. Thermohair socks are made of 75% kid mohair and 25% nylon. Let's find out what makes these great socks also therapeutic.

Thermohair Therapeutic Socks have been specially designed for those who have Raynaud's disease, heart disease and diabetes and here's why:

1 Thermohair Socks Are Warm

Thermohair socks work great for those with cold feet. The mohair in these socks is considered a fleece and not a wool as it comes from a goat, not a sheep. Kid mohair is quite warm when specifically knit together for socks, so those with blood flow issues will find that Thermohair socks keep their feet warmer than ordinary socks.

2 Thermohair Socks Are Comfortable

Kid mohair is very fine and soft, the most luxurious and expensive of all mohair grades. Thermohair socks are as soft as cashmere but do not compromise the strength of the sock because mohair is extremely durable. Thermohair Therapeutic Socks feel extremely comfortable on your feet because of the natural mohair fibre they are comprised of. They are woven in a self crossing pattern for extra padded support, and are merged with synthetic nylon for the perfect stretch.

3 Thermohair Socks Allow Unrestricted Blood Flow

The therapeutic version of our mohair socks has no extra elastic at the top, allowing an unrestricted blood flow to the feet which is desired for those with these types of health issues.

Canadian Great Outdoors carries these Canadian made socks because we believe in selling great products to our customers to help them stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. Our Thermohair Therapeutic Socks come in a grey exterior and natural interior and we carry size small to XXL. We have timely shipping, great prices and helpful and personal customer support. We value your time and business, so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to serve you. Find a warm and comfortable pair of Thermohair Therapeutic Socks, today!

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wendy caron
wendy caron

June 29, 2016

got your pants for protection of ticks.Where do I find your tops?Also you should consider making garmets for dogs for tick protection!!!

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