Ice Fishing Technique

January 23, 2016


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Is there is such a thing as proper ice fishing technique?
Yes, it's called jigging. You can use live bait or fishing lures while jigging. Of course we recommend using Nils Mast lures because they are known to make the best ice fishing lures around. Their vivid colours, life-like swimming action and unique design make them a highly creditable fishing lure manufacturer around the world. We've got 5 quick steps to help you refine your ice fishing jigging technique to ensure you'll catch a fish this year while out on the ice.

  1. Tie and slide your ice fishing line knot toward the hook end of the lure eyelet. This will make the jig hang horizontally and enhance the kicking motion when jigging. 

  2. Make sure you can feel the weight of your jig lure so that whenever there's a fish on your line you'll know it's there instantly. 

  3. Take your lure, on the fishing line, and drop it into the water. Let the jig hook sink to the bottom of the lake. Then very slowly lift your lure about 1 foot off the bottom of the lake.
  4. Once you feel you have your lure in place, quickly and subtly vibrate your wrist so that the jig will vibrate. Simultaneously raise and lower your rod a couple of feet making sure to do so slowly and smoothly. This subtle tail kick or bucking motion will draw fish, under the ice, to your jig. 

  5. Once you stop feeling the weight of the jig at the bottom of the up-down cycle you are using, set the hook immediately as it is likely a fish. If you are using a Nils Master lure you most likely have caught a fish because it doesn't take long to catch one when using such a reliable lure. 

At our online store, Canadian Great Outdoors, we have several Nils Master jigging lures available for sale. We are here to help you with any questions or inquiries about our Nils Master lures or other phenomenal products we have for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts. If you interested in learning more information on ice fishing tips, see our related December 2015 blog entitled, How To Catch a Fish Every Time - Use Nils Master. Thank you and happy shopping!


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