5 Ways to Enjoy Your Hunting Experience

Whatever you plan on hunting this season, whether it be white tale deer, wild turkey, elk or anything else gearing up for the fall season couldn't be more exciting. There is a lot of work that goes into hunting and here are a few quick tips to help you enjoy your experience.

1 - Be Prepared

Preparation can be the worst work you have to do, but it pays off in the end. Before you set-up any of your hunting equipment, make sure you are in a high animal traffic area. To do this you will need to become well acquainted with the land you plan on hunting on. Set up trail cameras and walk the property. Look for game trails, tracks or scat. You can also encourage animals to visit your location by setting up a food plot or mineral lick. This will allow you to track game patterns. Be sure all of your equipment is running at full capacity and safety, such as all of your tree stand safety lines. You may also need to clear or trim your shooting lanes. All of this preparation work might seem tedious, but if you take the time to do it, it will give you the best success.

2 - Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice everything you would do while you are out hunting. Practice your calls. Take time to perfect each specific call and get feedback on how you are sounding with a buddy. Practice shooting your bow or gun for precision and accuracy. You don't want to have your practice shot on a live animal and completely miss your target. Make sure you set your scope sights in ahead of time.

3 - No Pressure

Hunting is supposed to be a leisure activity. Something that gives you peace and an escape. It should lower your stress level, not add to it. So take any added pressure off of yourself. It is not a competition with other hunters to see who can get the biggest buck, or how many. Yes it is nice to put food on the table or to get that trophy buck you've been chasing, however you will enjoy your hunting experience much better, if you make it less competitive. Who knows, if you just enjoy your time, your game is bound to show up right in front of you.

4 - Wear the Right Gear

Your gear is one of the most important parts of hunting. Hunting gear can sometimes be pricey, but once you have the right gear, it will last you a long time (especially if you maintain it). Be sure that your camo matches the environment you are hunting. Your clothing and blind should blend in with the nature surrounding you. Also, make sure you are warm enough, or your clothing and footwear has the proper ventilation. Whether it be a breathable mesh, long sleeve shirt or a pair of camo men's waterproof hunting boots, being comfortable and prepared for varying weather conditions is important in order to enjoy your hunt.

5 - Make It Healthy

Hunting can actually be a healthy experience. It gets you outside to breathe fresh air, you can end up doing exercise and you reduce stress and give yourself healthy endorphins. Another factor that most hunters don't even realize is that they are "Earthing" while hunting. Earthing is when you touch or connect with the earth and allow its healing electrons to flow into your body. Earthing has been known to lower stress levels, reduce inflammation and energize your body to name a few of the many benefits. So while you are hunting, don't be afraid to get some mud on you as the more you touch the earth, the better it is for you. Try to lean against a tree or sit on the ground. You can also wear earthing footwear that allows conductivity to occur through your feet.


Remember the time and energy you put in before the hunt, the more success the actual hunt is bound to be. Whatever it is that drives your hunting passion, remember to enjoy your time outdoors and share your experiences with the ones you love.

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