What Do You Use Your Rubber Boots For?

What do you use your rubber boots for? Well most would say, "out in the rain". But here at Muck Boot Canada we have several uses for our 100% waterproof footwear. It's the Muck Boot construction that makes them so versatile.

Muck Boots are lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable. Their breathable air-mesh lining makes them perfect for humidity and perspiration. They also have a sock liner added for additional support and slipper-soft molded comfort in the footbed.

Several Muck Boots have a variety of hands free on/off features including a 10mm kick rim on certain styles. The sturdiness and stretch of the CR-foam bootie makes it easy to step into the shoe or boot without having to pull it on. The rubber shell and nylon upper are very durable and clean up easily with a spray of water or a gentle scrubbing with soap and water.

Muck Boots are the perfect footwear for the entire family. We have a variety of styles of boots and shoes for men, women and children for both at work or at play.

Outdoor Sports

Hunting - Muck Boots are perfect for hunting as we have several different camouflage prints all available in footwear such as rubber boots, winter boots, mid boots, hikers and shoes to meet your specific hunting season needs. These boots will keep your feet warm and dry while blending in with your other camouflage hunting attire.

Camping and Hiking - Check out our camp shoes and Excursion line of hikers for Muck Boot footwear that will meet all your camping and hiking needs. They are not only waterproof and breathable, but have an excellent tread for walking over slippery surfaces off the beaten trail.

Fishing - There are several Muck Boot styles that will work well for fishing. We have have high boots with a stretch-fit top that will ensure the boot fits snug to your calf to keep it dry while in the water. There are also boots that are meant for cooler temperatures that will keep your feet warm if submersed in cold water.

Horse-Back Riding - Muck Boots has a line of Equestrian footwear that offers added toe and heel protection with wraparound foxing. These boots have a wide-cut heel base for stability and additional achilles reinforcement for added protection.

Casual Footwear

Boating - Muck Boots has outdoor casual shoes and flats that are perfect to use for boating as they are breathable and lightweight and are sure to keep your feet dry. These boat shoes are easy to get on and off and work great on slippery surfaces due to their durable EVA rubber pod outsole.

Home & Garden - You'll find a number of our Muck boots, shoes and flats will work perfectly for doing outdoor gardening and chores. The stretch-fit topline binding will fit snug to your ankle or calf to keep dirt, leaves and pebbles out. The specially designed Xpress Cool™ technology displaces the heat and sweat produced by your foot by reducing friction.

Children - All children's Muck Boot footwear is suitable for 3 seasons. There are a variety of colours and styles ranging from rubber boots to play in the rain with, to hunting boots that will keep little feet warm and dry in cool conditions. They're easy on/off feature makes them the perfect boots for kids!

Work Footwear

Farm and Ranch - Muck Boots are great for doing chores in as they offer comfort and shock absorption on hard surfaces. The seamless, quick-clean rubber overlay makes them easy to clean for those messy jobs. They are easy to get on and off and have extra reinforcement and arch support. Construction - We have a select line of Muck Boots that are CSA approved that provide protection for people working construction and in the gas industry. Our steel toe line of work boots offer protection and injury from falling objects, ligament damage or twisted ankles. These boots also meet Electrical Shock Resistance (ESR) rating and have a steel shank for arch support.

So whatever outdoor work or play adventure you plan to 'muck' around in, be sure you have a pair of Muck boots or shoes to ensure you stay warm, dry and comfortable. Please visit one of our product pages on the Muck Boot Canada website to view our vast line of men, women and children 100% waterproof boots or shoes. We strive for friendly, personal customer service, fast and convenient shipping as well as high quality and affordable rubber boot footwear.


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