Nils Master - Bete Zap 10cm Fishing Lures

Nils Master

  • Minnow imitating wobbler that seduces fish to Bite!
  • Swimming action is so lifelike

    The Nils Master Bete Zap is made out of polymer and its shape resembles that of a small fish.

    Its form colours and swim motion provide an irresistible combination for many game fish species.

    The NILS Master Zap is suitable for both casting and trolling

  • Features:
    • 10 cm (4")
    • 12 g
    • 3-4 m (10-12') Swimming depth
    • Handcrafted lures
    Excellent for Bass, Pikeperch, Pike, Trout and large variety of other fish species
    • Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks
    • Made in Finland

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Type: Fishing Lures

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