ICER'S XT™ Ice & Snow (Non-Sparking) BRASS Traction Cleats


Ice & Snow Non-Sparking Traction Cleats & Anti Slip Soles / Straps

ICER'S XT™ are "astonishing" and their uses are endless. They can be used by everyone, including postal carriers, meter readers, walkers, joggers, paper carriers, delivery persons, hunters, campers, emergency personnel, seniors, and the list goes on! Ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds. The Non-Sparking cleats ICER'S XT™ are also used by Hydro workers and Power Station workers.

ICER'S feature a unique design that insulates feet from the ground keeping them warmer and dryer, yet provide extraordinary grip. Using quality light weight materials that stay flexible, they have replaceable cleats to assure a long lifetime. And they are made right here in Canada!

The cleats are replaceable and should be examined and replaced when necessary.

Sizes: Men Small to Men 2XL

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