Your Christmas Catch

Your Christmas Catch
It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is only two months away! Many of us are already starting to plan, making our lists and checking them twice (I’m looking at you, Santa!) It’s never too early to start gathering ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and family.

If you’re looking for holiday inspiration for the fisherman or angler in your life, Nils Master Lures at Canadian Great Outdoors Is a great place to start. With a wide range of colours and styles, Nils’ colourful and distinctive fishing lures also happen to be just the perfect size for a stocking...

Here are our Top 5 Lures for fishing enthusiasts this Christmas:


This aerodynamic wooden lure features Zoom Action Sport Design, a term used to describe its lifelike, erratic swimming action. The bright colours and “deadly” shimmer attract both saltwater and freshwater fish varieties. Hand-painted, with full stainless steel wire-through-body construction and heavy-duty corrosion-resistant treble hooks. 12 cm. Perfect for pike, bass, trout, salmon, and other shallow water fish.
nils master lures Christmas gift idea Invincible Floating
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A small ice fishing lure that packs a big punch! This 2-in-1 lure can be used as a balance jigger in both a horizontal or vertical position. With a colourful front hook, the Rotinkainen resembles a prey fish pursuing its food, catching the eye of a predator with its realistic swimming motion. Hand-painted in a variety of colours. Reflective tail. Hi-carbon steel hooks. 5 cm.
Nils Master Lures great Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer for fishermen Rotinkainen
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A uniquely designed hydrodynamic lure with an open channel. Water flows through its open back, utilizing both sound and movement to attract nearby fish. ABS plastic construction, with hi-carbon heavy duty stainless steel hooks. Available in two sizes: 11 cm and 7.5 cm and a variety of colours.
Nils Master Lures great Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer for fishermen The Big Mouth
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An environmentally-friendly zinc-constructed lure with specialty gel tail, famous for its leaping action. The flexible tail shines and attracts predator fish with its natural motion. Hand-painted. 8cm. Comes in a wide range of striking colours, with red or clear gel tail.
THE FLYEYE Nils Master Lures great Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer for fishermen
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This eye-catching ice fishing lure was specially designed for vertical jigging. It is legendary, known amongst fishing enthusiasts as Nils’ most deadly and proven lure. Vibrantly hand painted, its glittering shimmer and bright red tail catch the light-sensitive eye of sluggish winter fish. Available in a variety of high-contrast colours. 12 cm. Excellent for bass, perch, walleye, salmon, trout, pike and other species of large fish.
The Jigger Nils Master Lures great Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer for fishermen
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This Christmas, fill their stocking with the biggest fish they haven’t caught yet!
Nils Master Lures great Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer for fishermen


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