Winter Work or Play, All Day

Winter Work or Play, All Day
Country life involves a lot of extra winter activities. Some are recreational, like snowmobiling or ice fishing. Some are necessities, like stacking firewood or shovelling your rural driveway. Either way, you need top quality gear to keep warm in below freezing temperatures.

Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of snowmobiling or ice fishing. I’m more of a curl-up-in-front-of-the- fire-with-a-good-book kind of winter person. And I’m lucky that my husband, who is almost a foot and a half taller than me (and much brawnier) takes care of most of the outdoor, cold- weather chores for our family.

... until two weeks ago, when his back went into spasm and he couldn’t get out of bed for 10 days.
Women’s Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Boots by the Muck® Boot Company
Suddenly, I was thrown into the role of physical labourer! I shovelled the walk, dug out our cars when they were buried in snow, scraped windshields, and took the garbage out down our long, steep, slippery driveway. I maintained the wood stove, loaded firewood, and when the woodpile ran out at the house, I got the wheelbarrow and moved a stack from our big outdoor pile to the back porch.

I did all of this as cheerfully as I could, but the moral of this story is: my old winter boots just weren’t cutting it anymore. In fact, these are the ones I should have had: Women’s Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Boots by the Muck® Boot Company.
The Original Muck Boot Company women's warm winter boots
These tall, thermal beauties put my leaky boots with worn treads to shame! Made with 8mm of Neoprene and lined with fleece, they are 100% waterproof with a comfort rating of -50°C to -1°C. Extended rubber coverage in a tall fit fully insulates your legs to just below the knee. Nothing can penetrate these boots!
the perfect winter boots to slide on and head out the door
The patented bioDEWIXTM anti-microbial insole minimizes moisture and odour, and 2mm of thermal foam beneath the footbed adds comfort and support. But the Women’s Arctic Ice Boot has a major claim to fame: incredible traction in slippery conditions. Its Vibram Arctic Grip outsole with Icetrek provides maximum safety and stability in extreme ice and snow.
women's heavy duty tracking on winter boots by Muck Boot Company
The Muck® Boot Company is famous for their high-quality, serviceable footwear and reviews for Arctic Ice Boots are five-star, across the board:

“For use in the Northwestern Ontario winters, these boots are amazing.” - MD, March 1, 2019

“The grip is unbelievably good in all winter conditions thanks to the Vibram sole. We live in Northern Ontario and boots are a way of life for half the year.” - JR, Feb 15, 2019

“I have never in my life been so happy with a pair of boots and have recommended them to so many people already!” - K, Feb 19, 2019
Women’s Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Boots by the Muck® Boot Company
Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Boots are available in women’s sizes 5-11. Fit is snug. Order your pair online today at:

Given how weather-resistant and warm these boots are, they’re ideal for all kinds of activities beyond outdoor chores. Wear them on a winter forest walk, while ATV-ing, or hunting. They’ll keep your feet toasty at the arena while the kids play hockey, or at the lake when you watch them skate. I definitely need a pair for winter visits with friends around the fire pit (and it case my husband’s back goes out again!)

With Arctic Ice Boots, I’ll be ready for anything!
woman carrying in fire wood wearing muck boots


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