Why Wear Base Layer Clothing While Hunting In The Fall?

October 08, 2017


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With the intense heat this fall you may be concerned about the mosquitoes and other nasty insects while out hunting. Whether you're out for a duck hunt on the water, in a goose blind on the ground, or in a tree stand bow hunting for that big buck, the critters are sure to find you. There is a solution to staying cool and protected from the bugs while hunting during this unusually warm fall weather.

The answer to a successful fall hunt is Rynoskin protective base layer clothing. Before the sun rises you may need to layer up for your hunt but as soon as the sun comes out, so do all the bugs and they are sure to find you in no time at all. In this heat you can easily wear our camo pattern style as your only lightweight layer of clothing if you wish or any other colour as a base layer underneath your regular hunting gear. No bugs will bite you and you'll be able to stay cool with a steady arm all because of wearing reliable Rynoskin clothing. If the bugs aren't biting you then you can focus on staying still and hidden from the ducks, geese or deer you are hunting.
At Canadian Great Outdoors we aim to provide useful and purposeful products that make what you are doing outdoors that much easier and enjoyable. We have fast shipping, helpful customer care and Rynoskin protective clothing that is currently on sale right now. We have a secure checkout and are happy to ship you some high quality, base layer clothing as soon as possible. Check out the variety of lightweight Rynoskin apparel we have to offer, today.

J Marshall


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