Why Overshoes Are Making a Comeback

Why Overshoes Are Making a Comeback
Once considered an old-fashioned winter-weather accessory, galoshes are rebounding as the perfect shoe-saving solution in an ever-changing climate.

Early overshoes were made of oiled fabric or leather with limited effectiveness. Today, we have the benefit of modern materials and design. Companies like Tukx in Montreal have revitalized the overshoe with new, patented technology for improved water resistance, comfort, and accessibility.

When weather is unpredictable, we sometimes find our shoes become impractical, especially during an unexpected rain shower or snow storm. Dress shoes or runners are no match for puddles, slush, or muddy conditions. And it’s not always convenient or feasible to switch styles or go from boots to formal footwear.

The Tukx Backzip Casual Overshoe 101 is a contemporary “galosh” that offers full four-season protection from the elements.
Tukx overshoe product features
Image courtesy Tukx website: https://www.tukxshoes.com/product-details
Created to fit over any shoe, from sneakers to motorcycle boots, the Backzip 101 has a full zippered opening at the back, with upper and lower pull tabs for easy access on and off. Its fully flexible rubber sole hugs the shoe, and traction pads offer maximum traction in wet or slippery conditions.
trying on a pair of TUKX OverShoe Backzipclose up of zipper of TUKX OverShoe Backzip
The 10” nylon gusset is ultra lightweight, offering additional weather protection to clothing, with a drawstring to tighten and secure the fit. The nylon collapses to make the overshoes compact and portable, and a matching carry bag is included for travel and convenience.
compact overshoes
The Tukx Backzip 101 is available in unisex, universal right and left pairs in a wide variety of sizes from XS to XXL:

Right now, the Backzip is also available as a gift pack, together with this incredible Leaf Dancer collapsible umbrella by Sioux artist, Maxine Noel. Its wooden handle, auto-open capability, and 107cm (42”) canopy give you one more way to guard against bad weather! To purchase this gift pack visit: https://www.moccasinscanada.com/products/gifts-overshoes-set
Maxine Noel umbrella black
Overshoes have come a long way from the dated styles of years past. Today, they function as versatile activewear, protecting your footwear, and keeping your feet dry and warm. With a pair of Tukx overshoes, and artist collection umbrella, you’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws at you... and your shoes. "Mother Earth turns, and with a gentle wave of her hand another season passes.” - Maxine Noel


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