Why Base Layer Clothing Is Essential To A Successful Turkey Hunt

Why Base Layer Clothing Is Essential To A Successful Turkey Hunt
Turkey hunting requires absolute steadiness and calmness. Even the slightest flinch at the wrong time can end the hunt rather quickly. Most turkey hunters will attest that it's the turkey's small head as a target and their superior eye site, agility and sensitive hearing that make them so difficult to hunt. Only 1 in 5 turkey hunters is successful and we believe that the secret to that success is being quiet and staying concretely still until it's go time.
It can be almost impossible to stay completely still under that old oak tree if every mosquito, tick and insect around the forest floor has found you. Most hunters have to end their hunting season early because it starts to get warmer out and they just can't handle taking off the layers because of being eaten alive. The late spring mornings are too warm to stay all bundled up so the season comes to a halt and they find themselves one of the unsuccessful 4 out of 5 who has yet to beat the odds of the turkey.
There is an easy and affordable solution to staying still, enjoying a bug free hunting environment and not overheating while you're out there in the bush. The answer is Rynoskin protective clothing. Rynoskin is base layer clothing that is lightweight and protective against ticks, mosquitoes and all sorts of varmints that might try to bite you while sitting on the grassy or mossy ground. Found in camouflage patterns, tan or black, you'll find that our insect repellant clothing is good for layering under your turkey gear in early spring. By wearing insect repellent clothing, a mosquito might land on your jacket, but you won't feel a thing because you are protected with a bug proof base layer barrier. You also won't overheat in our protective clothing because it is lightweight and extremely breathable. It also works great as a main layer shirt or hood when you want to continue hunting later in the warmer weather but still want to be camouflaged from the birds, as well as protected from the bugs. We have Rynoskin insect repellant hoods, shirts, pants and socks so you can stay bug bite free from head to toe.
If the bugs aren't biting you then you can stay still, easily hidden against your tree and out of sight and mind of the turkey. You are able to steady your aim and fire away at that bird when the timing's right. We are sure that wearing Rynoskin Repellant Gear will increase the chances of your successes at turkey hunting as well as lengthen the season for you and improve the enjoyment aspect of being outside and one with nature. That is our goal at Canadian Great Outdoors, to help Canadians enjoy the outdoors the best way they can through the most efficient means possible by using one of our high quality products. We have fast shipping, an informative website and a secure checkout. Check out our Rynoskin insect protective clothing, today.


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