Which Nils Master Lures To Use for Bass Fishing

Which Nils Master Lures To Use for Bass Fishing
Now that bass season is well under way, you may want to restock your tackle box with some prestigious Nils Master lures. Made in Finland, these handcrafted and swim tested lures, with heavy duty, corrosion resistant hooks, are simply the best in the fishing world market. We are pleased to exclusively offer Canadians these high quality and top-of-the-line lures through our online store, Canadian Great Outdoors. Let's take a look at which of our Nils Master lures work best for bass fishing.

Bete Zap Lure

The Nils Master Bete Zap is made out of polymer and its shape resembles that of a small fish so its lifelike swimming action is very persuasive to bass that come along its path. This minnow imitating wobbler is guaranteed to entice fish to bite. Used for both casting and trolling, the irresistible combination of swimming action and seductive colours make this lure a great addition to any tackle box. The Bete Zap lure is handcrafted and ideal for fishing 3-4 m deep.

HAKA Deep Diving Lure

The Nils Master HAKA Deep Diving is a wooden lure that dives fast and deep to follow the bottom contours of steep sloping shorelines with lifelike swimming action. Perfect for fishing in waters up to 5 m deep and proven to catch a variety of fish species around the world, including bass, you won't be disappointed using the HAKA Deep Diving lure. Choose from one of our 11 different vivid colour patterns, or even better, try one of each!


Invincible Floating Lure

The Nils Master Invincible Floating lure is a real catch. Its unique swimming action and effective colour combinations have caught record amounts of bass, and other big fish, all over the world. This prolific fishing lure has a slightly arched shape which produces a revolutionary swimming action. The legendary model comes in a range of sizes. The 5 cm and 8 cm models are made of balsa wood, while the 12 cm and 25 cm are made of abache wood. This Invincible wobbler floats on the surface and with just a slight retrieve or pull, it dives with incredible swimming action that imitates bait fish. When the pulling stops, the Invincible bobs back up to the surface. The Nils Master Invincible wobbler is easy to cast, and is great for trolling.


Jumbo Deep Diving

Even at first glance you can tell that the JUMBO Nils Master Lure is a strong, rock solid lure. This wooden lure is excellent when searching for monster fish. It won't back down from anything, taking on any predator coming its way. The JUMBO Deep Diving lure can withstand exceptionally fast trolling speeds. Because the biggest fish usually lurk in the deep, the JUMBO lure is also an outstanding diver, reaching depths down to 6 m in a blink of an eye. Excellent for bass fishing, this handcrafted wooden lure comes in 3 different colours.


If you've tried one of our exceptional Nils Master lures we want to know what you think. Please give us a call or send us an email as we'd love to hear from you. Canadian Great Outdoors serves online customers all over the world. We want you to have the best possible fishing experience which is why we sell only the best lures for your tackle box. Try using a Nils Master lure, today. You'll find they are the hottest of the hot and a cut above the rest. Simply the Best!


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