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The Latest Buzz
In Canada, we say a lot of things to help get us through the sub-zero winter weather. One of them is, “Hey - at least there aren’t any mosquitos!’

Imagine winter is (finally) over and summer arrives — but without the mosquitos.

“Tell me more,” you say, as you pull a wool scarf up over your face and scrape layers of ice off the windshield of your car.
scrapping ice and snow off of windshield in winter Canada
There’s a new, innovative product on the market: the nopixgo® wristband.

The nopixgo® uses Biopulse technology to ward off mosquitos and keep bites to a minimum. Developed and designed in Switzerland, this wristband transmits mild electromagnetic signals that the insect identifies as a thunderstorm warning. When mosquitos enter the signal radius (approx. 2 metres) they become sluggish and less aggressive. Their instinct changes from biting and sucking blood to seeking protection from the perceived storm - and away from you.

The nopixgo® is a lightweight plastic wristband that is customizable in size and easily adjusted, and available in a variety of colours:
insect repellent wristband using biopulse technology nopixglobal insect repellent wristband with adjustable strap nopixgo insect repellent wristband natural
It comes with a USB cable and operates on a rechargeable long-life lithium battery with a charge that can hold up to five days. An LED display blinks in colour to indicate battery life. It is also splash resistant and has a 2-year warranty.

The nopixgo® is a safe and convenient way to deter mosquitos. Sending storm signals tricks the genetic instinct of mosquitos and dramatically reduces itchy bites without using harsh chemicals like Deet.

Looks like we’ve got even more reasons to look forward to summer!
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