Stay On Your Feet With ICER's XT™ Traction Cleats

December 22, 2016


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Now that the winter weather has arrived, it's time to take care of yourself while traveling about outdoors. Whether it be out on the frozen lake to go ice fishing, walking down that treacherous lane way or up slippery steps, no one needs a slip or fall to painfully deal with over the holidays. Bruised knees, aching back, twisted ankles can be completely avoided with the proper outdoor gear.

Canadian Great Outdoors would like to highlight this month's blog on our astounding ICER XT™ Traction Cleats. They can be used by everyone, including postal carriers, meter readers, walkers, joggers, paper carriers, delivery persons, hunters, campers, emergency personnel, seniors, and the list goes on! Ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds, the uses and possibilities with these portable anti-slip soles are endless. Their main purpose is to eliminate slips and falls on slippery surfaces that regular boot treads just can't handle.

Additionally, another great feature that ICER'S offer are their unique design that provides insulation between your feet and the ground. ICER XT™ Traction Cleats will keep your feet warm and dry all the while providing that extraordinary grip you're looking for. Using quality lightweight materials that stay flexible, as opposed to becoming brittle in cold conditions, your ICER's will last over time and store away quickly and easily when not in use. Available in a number of sizes from women's small to men's 2XL you can strap these traction cleats overtop of your hiking shoes or MUCK books in no time at all. Best of all, these anti-slip strap on soles are made right here in Canada! Who knows winter's slippery conditions better than Canadians, right?

You've come to the right site to find all your "Canadian great outdoor" needs. Our ICER XT™ Traction Cleats are just one of the many great products we have that offer Canadians the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the best of the winter conditions. At Canadian Great Outdoors we have speedy shipping and a completely secure website with detailed product information. We offer friendly customer service and are happy to help you with ordering any of the superior products we sell on our site. Stay safe this holiday and all winter long with a pair of ICER XT™ Traction Cleat Anti-Slip Soles.

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