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Spring in Your Step

Spring in Your Step
“In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” - Margaret Atwood

There’s something about Spring. It arrives on the air with the smell of rain and fresh soil. It glows in the lemon-yellow afternoon sunshine that feels a little warmer every day. Buds appear on the trees, the days get longer, and soon it’s time to put the winter back into its closet like a worn out overcoat. You are suddenly inspired to start working outside: yard clean-up, gardening, or maybe you just want to go for a nice long walk and splash in the puddles like a kid.
Forager tall unisex Muck Boots
The right pair of Muck boots is what you need for all of these activities! You want something that is dry, comfortable, and easy to clean.

The Forager is a tall, unisex Muck Boot that can be worn three different ways, perfect for a variety of chores and activities in changeable weather. The patented Gaurden heel and toe provide extra durability whether you’re digging in flowerbeds or feeding the chickens, and the self-cleaning rubber sole means you won’t lose traction in mucky conditions. The nylon MuckSTOP drawstring collar can be extended to help keep mud and water out for an additional four inches.
100% waterproof Forager Muck Boot
100% waterproof, the Forager Muck Boot has a comfort range of 0°-18°C, which covers you in fluctuating Spring temperatures. A memory foam footbed ensures comfort and support with every step, while the anti-microbial insole controls moisture and minimizes odour.
perfect spring rubber boots for rain and yard work by Muck Boot Company
One of the best features of these Muck Boots is that they can be folded into a smaller, convenient size for portability. Lightweight and flexible, roll them up and store them in the complementary MuckTuck nylon bag, then pop it in your backpack, carry-on, or tote for easy travel.
Lightweight and flexible roll forager boots and store them in the complementary MuckTuck nylon bag
If the deliciousness of Spring has you longing to get outside to work and play in all weathers, step into a pair of Foragers and stay comfortable all day long. Easy clean-up and adjustability will make these the most practical pair of boots you’ll own!

Order Forager Muck Boots online and have them delivered right to your door!

Available in Men’s sizes 5-13 and Women’s sizes 6-11.
Forager non insulated rubber boots by Muck Boot Company


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