Snow Tires for Your Feet

Snow Tires for Your Feet
You wouldn’t drive in icy or snowy conditions without a good set of snow tires. So why risk your safety on foot?

Treacherous weather can make for treacherous walking, especially for those engaged in outdoor professions or activities. Postal workers, security and law enforcement officers, delivery people, EMS workers and many others are exposed to slippery conditions on a daily basis. Working or conducting business safely and efficiently can be a challenge on snowy sidewalks, driveways, or lawns.

Icer’s XTTM Ice and Snow Brass Traction Cleats are the solution to providing remarkable grip for winter walking.

Simply strap the lightweight, flexible sole onto your boots or shoes. Icer’s are specially designed to protect your feet from the cold ground, while maintaining extraordinary traction. The brass cleats are non-sparking, making them ideal for Hydro and Power workers, as well as people employed in a host of other industrial environments.
putting on ice cleats on shoesputting on ice cleats on shoesputting on ice cleats on shoesputting on ice cleats on shoesputting on ice cleats on shoes
These strap-on cleats are also perfect for hunting, ice fishing, outdoor chores, and even seniors looking for improved safety in the winter months. Icer’s XTTM Ice and Snow Brass Traction Cleats are available in a variety of sizes, from Men’s Small/Women’s Large (11.25”) to Men’s 2X-Large (14.25”).

Because brass is a softer metal, cleats can wear out over time. The soles of your Icer’s can last a lifetime, but when the cleats are ready to be replaced, re-studding kits are available for purchase — with or without a studding tool — for your convenience.
studs cleats on shoes
Available with tool:

Available replacement studs only:

Like a good 4-wheel drive vehicle, Icer’s XTTM Ice and Snow Brass Traction Cleats will get you through the ice and snow with maximum safety and stability. Wear them wisely!
Icers studs for bottom of shoes for traction in snow and ice


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