Shoes for a Multi-Tasker

October 17, 2019


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Commuting for work.

Walking the dog.

Washing the car.

Taking out the garbage.

Doing yard work.

You’re a multi-tasker, and your shoes should be, too.
man holding a pair of Mucks Excursion Pro
Enter the Excursion Pro Low-Cut Outdoor Shoe by the Muck Boot Company.

These versatile, waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable in a variety of activities and chores, throughout all kinds of conditions.
Excursion Pro Low-Cut Outdoor Shoe by the Muck Boot Company
From wet grass in the spring to slushy sidewalks in winter, the lightweight rubber pod EVA outsole provides traction and stability. The Flex-Foam neoprene liner helps to insulate your feet in cool weather, while the XpressCool inner sock lining reduces friction and wicks away moisture in warm weather.
Inside of Muck Boot shoes
Mucks Excursion Pro muck boots
Flexible, shock absorbent, and 100% waterproof inside and out, the Excursion Pro Low slips on easily with its convenient pull tab. It comes in “Bark/Otter,” a versatile earth toned colour combination suitable for all seasons, in Men’s sizes 8 - 13.
animation of pull tab on the back of Muck Boot Company shoes
With the Excursion Pro Low Outdoor Shoe, you know you’ll be protected from the elements, no matter what the day brings, whether it’s:

Commuting for work.

Walking the dog.

Washing the car...

You get the idea.
taking out trash wearing muck boot shoes

by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell


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