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Kid At Heart

Kid At Heart
I wish I had a pair Muck® boots when I was a kid!

My family lived in a rural area and me and my friends were outside a lot. Sometimes, we climbed trees, clambering up a nearby fencepost to grab the highest, thickest branch we could reach, and then swinging ourselves up, deep into the canopy of leaves.

We rode our bikes, rain or shine, down corduroy roads, criss-crossing and hollering at each other to wait up.

My favourite thing was to explore the farmland that surrounded my house. There were acres of corn fields to lose ourselves in, bees buzzing and stalks fluttering over our heads in the autumn breeze as we plodded through the loam. Cows were pastured in the nearby meadows; I would often ramble over to the fenceline, my feet mired in muck, and watch them for a long time, as they stood and chewed and stared lazily back.
Kids Muck boots by muddy country road
Doing all that stuff really wrecked our shoes, and as a kid, you didn’t get many pairs! New runners didn’t stay new for very long when they were being shredded by twigs and brambles, or splashed with mud as you rode your bike through puddle-filled potholes on a country road. Often, I’d come home with my feet soaked, and my mother would lament the state of my sneakers and order me into the tub.

I feel like kids’ Muck® boots — especially a pair of Rugged II’s — would have given me even more freedom to play than I already had.
The Original Muck Boot Company Buffalo Plaid
The Original Muck Boot Company® is world famous for making the best, most durable boots ever. 100% waterproof and lined with fleece, Kids’ Rugged II Muck® Boots can be worn in all weathers, keeping feet warm and dry with a comfort range of -40oC to 4oC. They’re made with 5mm CR Flex-Foam, so they’re easy to move around in and perfect for jumping in puddles, tromping through snow or slush, or exploring muddy fields and communing with cows. The rubber exterior means they’re convenient to clean... you can just hose them down and they’re ready for the next outdoor adventure.
Kids muck boot company boots heavy duty rubber sole
Muck® boots for kids come in Children's sizes 7-13 and Youth 1-5 in a variety of colours.

Check out the two newest shades, Moss Green:

And Red/Black Buffalo Plaid (I really love the plaid!):
Muck Boot Buffalo Plaid
To view more fun colours and to order online, please visit:

The kid in me looks back and thinks of all the places those durable, weatherproof boots could have taken me... without the worry about getting my feet wet or ruining my only pair of runners. As parents, I think the freedom to play outdoors and get dirty is really the best thing we can give our kids. Kids’ Rugged II Muck® Boots help us give that gift.
Muck Boot Company kids buffalo plaid winter boots


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