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July 08, 2017


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In the heat of the summer you are probably aware that shoes start to get stinky. It's the heat of the summer, the sweat from running about doing errands or playing outside that gets extra unwanted moisture in your shoes. This moisture starts to smell in the humid summer months because shoes and boots aren't able to dry out as quickly and easily before they are used again.
If you are finding your MUCK shoes or boots or any other closed toe shoes are starting to have a bad odour then we have just the product for you. Our TANA Shoe Freshener works great in preventing bad odours in MUCK boots or shoes. The TANA Shoe Freshener Sport is especially fast acting and works the minute it comes in contact with your shoes or boots. It provides you with all day long, heel to toe freshness. To apply the TANA Shoe Freshener all you have to do is shake, unlock and press down inside your footwear to spray. TANA's sport freshening spray refreshes and deodorizes all types of closed toe shoes so you can go on with cutting the grass in your MUCK shoes or out for a stroll in your MUCK flats and not worry about the odour afterwards.
At Canadian Great Outdoors we want your MUCK's smelling great so you can look forward to wearing them all summer long and aren't embarrassed to take them off. No need to leave stinky shoes on the porch anymore as TANA Shoe Freshener Sport has got you covered. We will gladly ship you some shoe freshener along with your order or send you it to you on its own if you prefer. We have speedy shipping and helpful customer care. Check out our secure website and order some shoe freshener, today.

J Marshall


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