How to Keep Warm This Winter

Both kids and adults need to keep warm and protected once the cold winter arrives with its plummeting temperatures. How warm and comfortable you will stay outdoors has to do with how well you dress. We have some suggestions for how to help layer up right this winter season. At The Brown Bear we have a few products that will help you keep toasty warm in winter weather from two of our online stores, Canadian Great Outdoors and Moccasins Canada. We recommend layering up with superior gear that is guaranteed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable so you can enjoy the great outdoors. Plan to build that snowman, go downhill skiing or have a snowball fight and we'll supply you with the outdoor attire to ensure you have fun while you're at it!

Don't Be Afraid to Wear Layers

Dressing in layers is always helpful because you can start off making sure you are warm and then take layers off throughout your day as needed. If you are in doubt of how cold it will be, it doesn't hurt to layer up more as you can always take off layers as you warm up. Start off with a warm base layer that is either thermal or woolen such as a long sleeved undershirt or turtleneck. Then depending on how cold you usually feel you can put on a shirt or sweater and then your coat. If you can keep your core warm then your extremities will stay warm as a result. Then put on some thermal or woolen long underwear and a pair of heavy pants. Try to stay away from wearing jeans or cotton pants as they won't keep you warm and will make you feel colder if they get wet. Depending on what type of outside activity you plan to do, and the duration you will be outdoors, you may want to wear some waterproof snow pants as exterior layer.

Make Sure To Wear A Winter Hat

Now that you have layered up, you need to take care of your extremities starting with your head. Similar to your core, if your head is warm then the rest of your body will be as a result. The majority of your body heat escapes from your head so it's important to find a hat that will keep your head warm without making you overheat and sweat. Genuine sheepskin hats work the best at keeping you warm and comfortable without overheating as sheepskin wool naturally regulates body temperature. Real sheepskin hats are also quite fashionable and match well with everything. One fuzzy sheepskin hat in your outdoor wardrobe will do the trick for all occasions as well as battle the bitter cold each time you brave the winter climate.

Wear Mittens Over Gloves

You're not done yet - don't forget your hands. If you keep your hands warm you avoid them drying out and chapping, getting cracked finger tips and that numb feeling when you can't feel your fingers anymore. In general, mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves because your fingers are better insulated if able to stay together. If you wear a pair of leather mittens they will keep your hands warm on cold windy days because leather is naturally wind proof. If you wear genuine sheepskin mittens the natural sheepskin will keep your hands from overheating and sweating which ultimately keeps them from getting cold. If your hands stay dry then they will stay warm. It's inevitable that during the winter months with freezing rain and snow that your mittens will get wet so wearing a pair of cozy leather or furry sheepskin mittens will ensure your hands stay dry even if your winter mitts get wet.

Even Your Socks Matter

No one likes that burning sensation of cold feet thawing out once back inside. You'll enjoy the outdoors more if you're warm from your head to your toes so the best way to keep your toes warm is to wear a comfortable, soft pair of socks. Thermohair socks are designed for those with cold feet. They are made of kid mohair which is naturally insulating so Thermohair socks are ideal for those venturing out in the cold outdoors. Mohair is very fine and soft so you'll find Thermohair socks extremely comfortable and are fine to wear as an indoor sock as well. For a more sporty look we also recommend wearing Muck Holofibre socks as they are also soft and quick drying. Our Holofibre socks are unique in that they work with the human body to increase oxygen levels in your feet.

No One Likes Cold, Wet Feet

You need more than a decent pair of socks to keep your feet warm though on a cold day. Like your hands, your feet need to stay dry in order for them to stay warm for the duration of your time outdoors. If you care more about practicality than style, wear a pair of waterproof Muck boots. Your feet will stay dry and warm and you'll have great traction while walking about. If you don't slip and fall, you save yourself, and your clothes, from getting wet and cold from ice or snow. Muck boots are designed for wet conditions such as ice and snow as well as cold plummeting temperatures. Comfortable and easy to slip on, Muck boots are an asset to your winter wardrobe. If you are looking for something more stylish, go with a pair of traditional mukluks. Moccasin boots or sheepskin mukluks not only look great but will keep you feet warm and toasty out in the cold.

At Canadian Great Outdoors we have superior outdoor gear that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable while outside this winter. We want you outside enjoying the winter weather as much as you do which is why we offer and stand behind all our great products. We will gladly help you with any questions you may have about any of our winter weather products or assist you with placing your order. We aim to make your online shopping experience with us as personal and positive as possible. Battle the cold weather by layering up with the proper outdoor attire so you can enjoy the winter. Take advantage of our detailed product information, fast shipping and safe checkout today.


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