Go Big with Thermohair Socks as Stocking Stuffers

Go Big with Thermohair Socks as Stocking Stuffers

"Socks, socks, wonderful socks! I am NEVER, NEVER going to take them off." Perhaps the little girl in Robert's Munsch's story book was wearing loveable Thermohair socks. If you've been pegged as that classic mother-in-law who buys lame socks and underwear as Christmas presents, you can break loose and buy socks that your son-in-law will absolutely love. Maybe this year you just want to go big in the stocking stuffer department, then don't buy cheap socks, instead get high quality ones that your family members will absolutely love. Nothing says I love you, thank you, you are appreciated, more than cozy warm feet this holiday season.

Women and men's Thermohair socks are the perfect Christmas present for that loved one you usually find impossible to buy for as everyone needs socks. Thermohair socks are made of kid Mohair so they are not cheaply made and those who wear them know it. Mohair socks are warm as they are well insulated and great for wearing outdoors in the winter so they are a gift that will quickly be put to good use. Our Thermohair socks are made of kid mohair which is the first hair sheared from a young Angora goat. Their hair is very fine and luxurious making mohair socks feel as soft as cashmere and extremely desirable to wear on your feet. Our Thermohair socks are blended with 25% nylon for stretch and knit in a looped sequence so they are also well cushioned.

Warm, soft and comfortable, what more do you need in a pair of socks? Well you probably want to make sure that these ideal socks are going to last. No one wants to find a hole in their sock after wearing it for only a short time. Well good news, although mohair is fine, don't let that fool you in thinking that Thermohair socks won't last. Quite the opposite is true. Mohair's tensile strength is much stronger than that of regular wool. Mohair socks will last approximately 2 to 3 times longer than other socks. Similar to wool, mohair has surface scales but these scales are much thinner making kid mohair extremely soft to the touch and quite desirable to wear against your skin, especially your feet. So you can enjoy the soft, warm comfort and also rest assured that Thermohair socks will last the test of time and usage.

Pick out a pair of women or men's mohair socks for more than your average quality Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Show that person on your shopping list you care by getting them something they'll love and that's been made with quality and care. At Canadian Great Outdoors we have fast, economical shipping, as well as customer service that is personal and helpful. Contact us or order today and we will gladly ship your mohair socks to you or have them sent directly to that person on your gift list. We will include a handwritten personal message from you at no extra charge if you so desire. Make a good impression this Christmas by giving a pair of warm, soft, comfortable and durable Thermohair socks.

Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch


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