Extreme Conditions, Extreme Fit

Extreme Conditions, Extreme Fit
Winter calls for an entirely different muck boot.

When you’re hunting or ice fishing, driving your snowmobile, or completing winter chores, the conditions you experience in the winter months can be extreme: extreme cold, extreme ice, etc. Your footgear needs to be insulated and waterproof and slip-resistant to effectively protect you from wet snow and freezing temperatures for long periods of time.

The Arctic Ice Xtended Fit Extreme Conditions Boot meets all of these requirements, and more.

Not only is this hunting boot lined with fleece and protected by an 8mm neoprene lining, it also has a buckled gusset for a generous, customized fit. Additional room in the Spandura boot shaft offers greater flexibility for larger calf width, and/or accommodates tucked-in thermal wear for winter activities.
muck boot with buckled gusset for a generous customized fit
The EVA contoured midsole provides extra comfort and shock-absorption underfoot, with no blistering or chafing. The outsole features Vibram® Arctic Grip with Icetrek, a revolutionary technology with the most advanced gripping system available for maximum traction. Its Bison/ Realtree camouflage exterior is perfect for hunting season when blending into the surroundings is key.
Muck Arctic Ice Xtended Fit Extreme Conditions Boot
Let’s review the extreme features of these Extreme Condition Arctic Ice Boots:

• 100% Waterproof
• Adjustable Gusset
• Exceptional Slip-Proof Grip
• Fleece-Lined
• Molded Midsole with Foam Footbed Camouflage Exterior
muck boots outsole features Vibram Arctic Grip with Icetrek
In addition, these boots are weather-tested for temperatures -50°C to -1°C. Available in men’s sizes 7-15.


Get extreme comfort and fit with the Arctic Ice Xtended Fit Extreme Conditions Boot. Bring on winter!
Muck Boots foot print in snow


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