8 Tick Myth Busters

8 Tick Myth Busters
Here are 8 myths we'd like to bust about ticks and also 8 reasons that you might want to consider protecting yourself when walking, working or hunting outside. Consider wearing lightweight Rynoskin protective base layer clothing as the ultimate barrier against ticks.

Myth: Ticks can't survive in the cold

Some people think that ticks can't survive below freezing temperatures but this is not true. Deer ticks can live in conditions as cold as -12 degrees Celsius which are the species that seem to be in abundance right now in Canada.

Myth: Tick bites will make you sick

Some believe that if a tick is on you or has bitten you then you will get sick. The truth is that ticks need to be attached to you for longer than 24 hours for the microorganisms that they are carrying to be transmitted to you.

Myth: All ticks carry disease

Many people believe that every tick carries a disease and in particular, Lyme disease. Not all ticks are infected with disease however many do carry some sort and if in contact with its host for long enough, are able to transmit the bacteria over to its host. There are some types of ticks that tend to be more dangerous than others. You can take the removed tick to your local emergency room or health unit for further investigation. There are also professional pest control services that can help identify dangerous ticks and remove them from your property.

Myth: You can feel a tick when it's biting you

Some say that you can feel a tick biting you and therefore can remove it right away. The truth is, a tick's saliva can make the bite painless so you will not be able to feel it nibbling away at you. Its painless efforts make it hard to tell how long the tick has been biting you for and the transmitting damage that may already be done.

Myth: There are several different ways to remove a tick

Back in the day people would say that you could use alcohol, perfume, a lit match or Vaseline to remove a tick. The evidence does not say these are viable techniques for successfully removing a tick. Even water won't effect a tick biting you so if you go for a swim or take a hot shower, the tick will stay on you. Using a pair of tweezers or an actual tick remover is the best way to remove a tick. Gently grab the tick by its head as close to the host's skin as possible and gently pull up trying to keep the tick intact until it is removed.

Myth: Ticks can grow their body back once being removed

There is a myth that says that ticks can grow their bodies back if their head is not damaged after removal. This is not true.

Myth: Digging the head out of your skin prevents disease

It's is also a myth that if you get the head of a tick that you've tried to disengage out of your skin then that can prevent Lyme disease. Getting the head out has nothing to do with Lyme disease. Once the body is removed the head can no longer cause any damage. The head of the tick might cause skin surface irritation but it will eventually fall out on its own or with the use of a warm compress.

Myth: Ticks fall out of trees

Ticks do not fall out of trees. They usually find a host by what is called questing on a blade of grass where they climb onto their host if brushed by.

Whatever the case may be we hope you do not find a tick on yourself. Don't wait to see if you do by protecting yourself using one of our many pieces of base layer protective clothing. Our Rynoskin clothing is lightweight, breathable and well worth wearing if you plan to be in the woods, long grass or leaves. We have a great selection of Rynoskin's inspect repellent clothing at our online store, Canadian Great Outdoors. We are local Canadian business that serves customers all over our great country keeping them outdoors doing what they love best with superior products made for Canadians. Use our safe checkout and stay safe from ticks, today.



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