Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It's that time of year where collecting items for stocking stuffers should begin in order to eliminate the mad dash the week before Christmas, collecting meaningless and useless items that won't ever get used. We thought we'd help you with your Christmas shopping this year by giving you a list of useful and valuable items that are the perfect size for stuffing in a stocking.

Thermohair Socks

Socks are a classic item to put in a stocking so why not make the extra effort to get a high quality, Thermohair pair as they are a Canadian company. These Mohair socks are made of kid mohair which makes them very fine and soft. They are knit in a looped sequence allowing them to have extra cushioning and are blended with nylon making them stretchable. Thermohair socks are highly insulated making them excellent for those with cold feet, or those working or sporting outside in the cold.

MUCK Holofibre Socks

If you aren't a Mohair fan but are familiar with MUCK Boots then you might be interested in their sock line. Their Holofiber Socks use Nanotechnology which works with the human body to help increase oxygen levels in the muscles and skin. Nanotechnology has been known to increase strength and energy levels as well as accelerate muscle recovery. These MUCK Socks also enhance foot comfort, minimize fatigue and reduce foot odour. Microban protection keeps these socks smelling fresh all day long by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause stains and odours. Microban protection provides a continuous antimicrobial cleaning action that won't wash off or wear away over time. Holofiber socks have a non-ravel top that also won't slip down. They have excellent shape retention and are quick drying which helps reduce blisters and athletes foot. 

Rynoskin Socks and Hoods
Let us have one last try at finding the ideal socks for your stockings. We have a line of base layer clothing so these socks are unlike any you've ever worn before. 
Unlike all of the typical over garment type of insect protection clothing which are hot, noisy and snag easily, RYNOSKIN offers a lightweight, body-forming and breathable solution. Their comfortable base layer clothing is made of impenetrable fabric with snug fitting elastic cuffs that provide complete protection from all sorts of biting insects. Their line of socks and hoods are the perfect size to throw in as a stocking stuffer.

Nils Master Lures
Stocking stuffers for men have to be the trickiest to do well, but thankfully we have fishing lures to help you out in that area. Since 1963 the family owned company, Finlandia-Uistin Oy from Finland, have been manufacturing the highest quality fishing lures under the trade name of Nils Master. Every Nils Master lure is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging. But what also makes Nils Master lures a cut above the rest is their unique design, vivid colours, life-like swimming action and the fact that they are all specially handcrafted. These lures can't be found in Canada anywhere on the shelf. We are thrilled to offer Canadian fisherman the opportunity to buy these fantastic fishing lures at our online store. They are perfect for ice fishing so what a great idea to add to a Christmas sock! Fishing lures are the perfect size and also a great gift for men that's valuable, useful and something they'll actually like as opposed to shaving cream and anti-freeze!
We hope we've given you some ideas for your Christmas socks or at least somewhere to start. Try to switch things up a bit this year and find some real gems for your family members. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to try some new items. Surprise your family members with some unique gifts in their stockings. At Canadian Great Outdoors we will gladly ship you any of our stocking stuffers as quickly as possible. We have a secure online shopping store and great customer service. Check out Canadian Great Outdoors and start collecting some great stocking stuffers today!


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