MUCK Shoes for Outdoor Summer Use

We'd like to highlight a few different MUCK shoes that are perfect for doing summer yard work such as lawn maintenance and gardening. Since all MUCK footwear is 100% waterproof, our shoes are great for keeping your feet dry when walking on wet or dew kissed grass. The MUCK shoes we'd like to highlight are all meant for warmer temperatures so while you're getting your work done your feet are able to stay dry and comfortable without having to wear socks! Just slip them on and then slip them off - It's as easy as that.

The Daily Shoe

The Daily Shoe comes in green or brown and can be worn by both men and women. They feature a self-cleaning, multi-ribbed outsole as well as a stretch-fit top line binding that fits snug around the ankle keeping unwanted dirt and pebbles out. This lawn and garden MUCK Shoe is meant for working outside in the summer months and keeps your feet comfortable up to 25 degrees Celsius. The Daily Shoe is durable, lightweight and easily slips on and off as they are made of 4mm flex-foam with 4-way stretch nylon.

Breezy Cool Shoes

The Breezy Cool shoes offer the same quality and features as our MUCK boots but in an all-purpose, casual shoe form, for women. These shoes feature the XpressCool™ Lining & etc® Sockliner Technology which displaces heat by reducing the friction between the bare skin of the foot and the inside of the shoe. The XpressCool™ technology makes these shoes comfortable in weather as warm as 35 degrees Celsius. - The Breezy Cool Ballet Flat – Xpress Cool™ by MUCK Boot Company is an adorable ballet flat shoe that can be worn in wet or dry conditions. MUCK's ballet flats are extremely flexible, easy to take on and off and feature a 2mm CR flex-foam bootie with a lightweight rubber outsole. - Also in the women's shoe division is the Breezy Cool Low – Xpress Cool™ shoe. These MUCK shoes are made of 4mm CR flex- foam with an EVA contoured midsole and a EVA rubber pod outsole. The Breezy Cool Low also has a stretch-fit top line binding that fits snug around the ankle keeping bugs, heat, water and debris out from around your feet when you're trying to get something done outside. They are also durable, lightweight and easy to slip on and off.

Stay cool this summer while doing your outdoor yard work and try a stylish, comfortable and 100% waterproof pair of MUCK shoes. At Canadian Great Outdoors we want to help you work outside in comfort by staying cool and dry. We have a safe and secure checkout, timely shipping, affordable prices and friendly customer service. We want to help you find the right pair of MUCK shoes to meet your needs so contact us today and we'll gladly assist you in any way we can.


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