4 Ways to Get Ready For Spring

4 Ways to Get Ready For Spring
Spring is here! Well, officially on the calendar it is, but the weather has yet to fully get the memo. Despite the weather failing to catch up with the season, it is in inevitable that the task of getting ready for spring is here. The birds are chirping and the meltdown has begun, so here are a few things to help you get ready for spring so you can fully enjoy the fresh air and mild weather when it arrives. Strap on a pair of MUCK boots or shoes and let's get this work done!

Get The Rake Out

It's time to get the rake back out and do a quick run over of the lawn and gardens. No doubt there's debris such as twigs, leaves and gravel that have made their way onto your lawn, walkway and flowerbeds so it's a good idea to make sure they are all clear before the new grass and day lilies start to poke up. It also gives your property a fresh start amongst the dirty, melted snow banks and smeared dirt and mud that seems to be everywhere after the white out has disappeared and the bright green wildlife has yet to wake up.
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Start Planning The Garden

Early spring is also a good time to start vegetable garden planning. If there are any seedlings you want to start growing before you plant your garden, late March is the perfect time. That way you have plants that are substantially sprouted once you are ready to plant your garden in late May. You may also want to start a list of seed packs or vegetable plants you want to purchase for your garden. You'll need to know how much produce you want to yield, how many seeds or seedlings you then need to purchase, and the space needed in your plot. You may want to dump some compost onto your garden plot so that as the snow melts, the compost has some time to leach into the dirt allowing more nutrients to absorb into the soil before you plant or rototill it later in May. If you have any plants that need to be cut back, such as last year's raspberry canes, early April is a good time to do this before new sprouts begin to grow. If you are not planting a vegetable garden, then you need to decide if there are any annuals you want to plant in your flower beds. Perhaps you just want a few hanging baskets on your front porch or back deck. Now is the time to start planning your colour theme for the season.

Prep The Outdoor Gear

Well if garden planning has already commenced, you might as well get all the hoses and lawn furniture out while you are busy at work. A quick wipe down of any outdoor tables and chairs makes a huge difference for when you want to go out and sit down on that first nice afternoon. Sweep off the picnic tables, wipe down the clothes line and hook the swings back up to the play structure. After the winter, it's always nice to wash or wipe down the windows and screens so you get the best view of the buds and new growth sprouting in April. That way, on the first nice day, you are ready to crack a clean window and enjoy the fresh spring breeze.

Get Some Youthful Help

If you feel like this is a whole lot of work, and you need some help to get it all done and not be utterly exhausted at the end, then make tidy up a game. Get the kids involved with the four wheeler and wagon collecting twigs. If you don't have any kids with you at home then perhaps you could borrow some neighbour kids on a Saturday to help you with a few of these jobs. I'm sure they'd be up for some extra chore money. If you are a grandparent then definitely get the grandkids involved. Kids and teens need to spend more time outside working and playing in the fresh air, so don't hesitate to ask or employ some young help. They have the energy to do it and it's good for them. Kids will find the motivation to get the job done if they know that that Uncle Tom's taking them for ice cream later, or Grandma's making cookies for them when all the work's done.
Most people find they have a burst of energy once the days start getting longer in March. Why not put it to good use and get some of the spring jobs off your list early, so you have more time to enjoy a nice walk or warm campfire when the first perfect, spring day arrives. At Canadian Great Outdoors we have base layer protective clothing, waterproof footwear and comfortable socks, to name a few products, that will make getting ready for spring that much easier for you and your family. We have fast shipping, personal customer care and a secure checkout. Visit one of our product pages, today.


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