4 Effective Ways to Guard Against Ticks

4 Effective Ways to Guard Against Ticks
It seems like in the last few years the dreaded tick has turned into an epidemic. Not only to be found where deer graze, ticks have started to be a nuisance on playgrounds, in town parks and at backyard BBQ's. What used to only be found on those who trudge around in the bush, or sit in the woods while hunting, is now an everyday occurrence in local hospitals and veterinary clinics. There's no need to feel helpless against these little critters though. There are preventative measures you can take for yourself, and little youngsters, that will help keep you protected against a tick finding you for its next host.

1. Be Aware of Favourable Tick Environments

Ticks like to live in grassy or wooded areas and tend to thrive in moist or humid environments. You may also find ticks, or should we say ticks may find you, if you've been walking through leaf litter or near shrubs. So make sure you keep your lawn cut regularly and the leaves raked. It's always a good idea to stay on the trail if going on an outdoor hike, and to stick to the centre of the path. We suggest that if you've been walking in long grass or in the bush, make sure you search yourself thoroughly afterwards.

2. Check Yourself Out

After you've been outside, even if it's been to a public park, it is a good idea to look all over your bare skin promptly. Check any crevices or folds in your skin as these places seem to be ticks' favourite hiding spots. Check behind your ears, the back of your knees, under your armpits and between your toes on a daily basis, especially in young children. Even if you have a bath or shower, a thorough search is still wise after you've been outside in the woods, as submerging a tick in water does not necessarily kill it.

3. Use Geranium Oil

If you like the idea of repelling ticks naturally, then you will be interested in knowing that ticks don't like the smell of geraniums. One of the ways that ticks know you are coming their way, is by their sense of smell. All you need is a few drops of geranium oil on your body to mask your fragrance, and they should leave you alone. Geranium oil is especially helpful with guarding against ticks attacking your pets. You can put a drop on each of your cat or dog's shoulder blades, and a drop on their tail, and the ticks shouldn't bother them at all either.

4. Wear Insect Repellant Clothing

Don't want to take your chances with Geranium oil, or like the ticks, you just don't like the smell of those flowers either? Then perhaps the most effective and easiest way to guard against those dreaded ticks is to wear insect repellent clothing. Rynoskin is a line of base layer clothing that specializes in skin protection from all sorts of bugs, including ticks that are a nuisance. Perfect for outdoor play or excursions, Rynoskin is lightweight, breathable, snag resistant, and also extremely comfortable. This state-of-the-art under layer type clothing, will stretch to form fit multiple body shapes and sizes, and act as a secure safe guard against ticks feeding off your body. An ideal base layer for those who like to spend time outside hunting, fishing or hiking, Rynoskin is sure to keep you cool, quiet and well protected against ticks while moving around outdoors, multiple seasons of the year. Another great thing about wearing Rynoskin protective clothing, is that there is no need to search your body after you've come in from the outdoors. Even if you've been rolling around in the tick infested bush, Rynoskin will keep the ticks away without a time consuming thorough search.

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