Fun Tips for Recreational Fishing

It's July and one favourite past time of many outdoor enthusiasts is going fishing. Perhaps you're an early in the morning type fisherman planning to attempt to catch some lunch or maybe you prefer to go at dusk because you find the fish are more likely to bite. Whatever the case may be, here are some fun tips for recreational fishing that you may want to consider.

Fish with a Friend

It's always a good idea to go fishing with a friend that you enjoy spending time with. You'll also want to ensure this friend likes to fish and be outdoors. If your buddy is a serious fisherman you may want to clarify ahead of time that you are just out to have fun. Also make sure it's clear whether this is a catch and release outing or if you plan to fry up your catch for supper afterwards.

Go When the Weather's Right

Go fishing when the weather cooperates. If it's raining outside then stay home and reschedule you're trip for another day. It may not be raining but, if it's humid, hot and sticky, you may want to wait and plan your trip on a summer day when there's a soft breeze. You might notice that the direction of the wind, or how rough the waves are, may also hinder the success of your fishing. Keep a close eye on the conditions of the water before you set out to fish if you want to have an enjoyable outing.

Relax and Fish for Fun

Recreational fishing means to fish for fun. You may want to go fishing for fellowship time with friends or find it's an opportunity to unwind and find some solitude - an outlet to get away from it all. If you are out with your friends or family, enjoy the chance to chat and catch up while you sip your favourite drink and enjoy the picturesque scenery surrounding you. Take the opportunity to teach a child to cast and then coach along while he/she reels in that big one. Ultimately, fishing should be a time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. If you choose to fish by yourself, notice how still and at ease nature is at the break of day or before the sun goes down. Whether you are fishing to keep and eat, or fishing to release, make sure you enjoy each precious moment in God's big playground.

Munch Away!

When you're out fishing it's always nice to pack some yummy snacks. Chips and dip, granola bars, watermelon or anything that won't melt unless you've packed a small cooler. Be sure to bring along some ice tea or lemonade and lots of water bottles. When you are out on any body of water on a nice day you can get dehydrated rather quickly, so make sure you drink large amounts throughout your fishing excursion.

Use Nils Master Lures

You only need Nils Master lures in your tackle box because they are proven to be the best fishing lures on the market. Nils Master Lures are specially handmade, in Finland, with the perfect combination of the latest technology and professional craftsmanship. Their unique swimming action design is so real that fish just have to take bite. Nils Master were the first lures to introduce vivid colours to the fishing lure market. They use vertical stripes, parrot patterns and remarkable colours on their lures and have effectively caught record amounts of fish all over the world. So if you're using the right brand of lures, you're sure to get several bites and have a good time.

At Canadian Great Outdoors we are happy to carry several styles of Nils Master's famous fishing lures. We have a full catalogue on our website so let us know if there's something you'd like us to try to get for you and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. At Canadian Great Outdoors we love to see entire families enjoying the outdoors. Whether it's going for a hike or heading out on a fishing trip, we are honoured to supply our customers with superior products and high quality outdoor gear. We want our customers outside as much as possible so they can enjoy God's creation every chance they get.


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