Danger of Lyme Disease Caused by the Epidemic Tick

Unfortunately now that the nice weather is here, it also means that the insects, are back out on the prowl, looking for a host to feed on once again. Since the West Nile Mosquito virus first reported in 2002, a more recent concern has been the black-legged tick, which has been found in some cases to carry and transmit Lyme disease to humans. Whether you are out golfing, gardening, hunting or just sitting on your lawn enjoying the sunshine, you are at risk to be bitten by a tick.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is an inflammatory disorder that is caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi that ticks spread by contracting it from either mice or deer. It's first symptoms are a rash, headache, fever and chills and following stages included arthritis as well as neurological and cardiac disorders. Symptoms can vary from person to person and no sign of illness may be present within quite some time after being bitten, which makes it very difficult to diagnose this disease. If Lyme Disease is left untreated, the symptoms can last several years. The long term damage can result in recurring arthritis, neurological issues, as well as paralysis and some numbness in the body.

What Do Ticks Do?

Ticks situate themselves on blades of grass, or brush in the bush, waiting to come in contact with a host. Even then, it can take the tick several hours to find a suitable place on the host to feed from. Ticks feed on blood from mammals whether it be humans, dogs, deer etc. and increase in size once they have eaten. Their bites usually don't hurt and few are actually in contact with the Lyme disease agent, in which their bite has no ill sides effects. However, because Lyme disease is so difficult to detect, especially in the early treatable states, great precaution against ticks should be taken.

Preventative Measures

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation warns Canadians that, "Lyme is a serious illness and ignoring this endemic issue will lead to more chronic illness with all the emotional and economic costs involved."2 If you live in a heavily wooded area, or you're out hiking in the bush, you would be wise to protect yourself, your child and your pet, from ticks. We suggest using Rynoskin protection as it is a lightweight under layer that is breathable and snag resistant. Rynoskin is designed as insect repellent clothing and works well to guard and protect yourself from ticks. Its stretch form fit design makes it a great base layer for people of different shapes and sizes.

Doesn't Hurt To Try!

New this season, we've started to carry Rynoskin insect repellent suits, face masks, socks, pants and shirts to ensure you can keep completely protected from ticks as well as all other sorts of bugs. We've added this new line of superior product to our Canadian Great Outdoors online store, as we feel it is a great line clothing to offer our customers. We use Rynoskin underclothing ourselves while outside, so we know how great it works! Give Rynoskin a try and stay protected from all sort of insects, especially ticks, and you'll enjoy feeling safe while you go about your outdoor activities knowing that you can't be bitten.

At Canadian Great Outdoors we carry a number of products that we feel outdoor enthusiasts, in Canada, must have. We have a few new high quality brands we've added to our online store recently, besides Rynoskin, so please browse and take a look at what we have to offer from our fishing lures to mohair socks. We are a division of The Brown Bear and have been serving online customers for years. We offer a safe and secure shopping experience with hassle free checkout and shipping. Canadian Great Outdoors is pleased to offer exceptional customer care to all our customers. Please feel to send us an email or give us a call with any questions, or to place an order, today!

1 Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

2 CanLyme Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

3 Public Health Agency of Canada


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