3 Great Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Muck Boots!

3 Great Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Muck Boots!
It's nearing the end of August so back to school shopping has begun. From new pencils to fresh clothing to outdoor gear, it's time to stock up for the new school year. At Canadian Great Outdoors we want to tell you why we think our kids Muck boots are the most ideal footwear for children of all ages as an outdoor 3-season boot.

They're Easy

- All our kids Muck boots are made with the best easy on and off feature in mind. No buckles, laces or straps with these superior boots. Simply slide them on and off or roll down the flexible neoprene upper if you'd like.

- With a low profile, ribbed, self cleaning outsole you'll find these rubber/winter boots are easy to keep clean in mucky or slushy conditions. Muck boots are great for ensuring your kids aren't trudging dirt, mud and snow into the school or your house.

- Our kids Muck boots have a sleek design that is simple for your child's snow pants or splash suit to fit over top of and easily slide down the neoprene shaft of the boot.

- They also have a removable insole which is always handy with kids, as you never know what they're going to get into!

They're Snazzy

- Most styles are mainly black with a splash of colour around the outsole of the boot as this is the part that is viewable when kids are all bundled up for outdoors anyways. We have several bright and flashy colours that look quite snazzy with the contrasting dark base.

- For those children who like a bit more colour or design, there are some styles that come with more colour on the upper portion. There are also a few patterned prints, even camo, to choose from.

They Serve Their Purpose Well

- Every style of boot should be waterproof but unfortunately they aren't which leaves kids with wet and cold feet by the end of the first recess. All kids Muck boots are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof because they are made out of one seamless design.

- They also have a wrap around outsole made for stability which is always important for young children on slippery ice or active kids playing on the school yard.

- Depending on which style of Muck boots you choose, your child will be comfortable from as cold as -40 degrees Celsius in our most rugged pair, to not overheating in +18 degrees Celsius in one of our lighter styles.

What more could you want in a pair of casual kids MUCK boots than to know that they're easy to take on and off, look great and are guaranteed to keep your child's feet warm, dry, safe and comfortable all day long. Once your children get home from school they'll be eager to put them back on and go splash in puddles or play in the snow. There's no need to have back up pairs of boots as their Mucks are sure to still be dry after a full day's use. We have comparable pricing to anywhere in store so why not save the time and hassle and just buy online? At Canadian Great Outdoors we have a secure checkout, fast shipping and helpful customer service. Get your family set for school by stocking the closet with some functional kids Muck boots, today.


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