Let's Learn About Mohair and Thermohair Socks

What is Mohair?

Mohair is a renewable resource and an all natural fibre that is environmentally friendly. Mohair fleece is not considered wool as it comes from an Angora goat. South Africa is the only country where there is still a feasible population of Angora goats able to handle commercial amounts of sheering. Angora goats eat a grass and leaf diet which makes their hair high in protein and extremely strong. Mohair grows on Angora goats at a average of 1" per month and is sheared twice a year. Mohair is known to be warm and also has a beautiful sheen. It is a durable and easy to wash fibre making it ideal for socks!

What is Thermohair Inc.?

Thermohair Inc. is a Canadian company that designed and created the first pair of socks made of mohair over 20 years ago. Today they manufacture and market their mohair socks, as well as other mohair products and apparel, from their home farm in Canada. Years ago, those in the hosiery industry thought the idea of making socks out of such high quality fibre, was a waste to wear on your feet, and said it would never work. They were clearly wrong. Now the manufacturer, at age 62, is passing her successful business over to her son. Consumers of Thermohair socks have no idea about all the hidden factors in order to put these kind of socks on the market. Mohair is a world commodity which depends on world weather patterns, world politics and fashion demands.

What are Thermohair Socks?

Thermohair socks are made of 75% kid mohair and 25% nylon, unlike other socks made of mohair, which contain only 37% of the fibre. Thermohair's superiority lies in the fact that they use kid mohair, which is the first hair sheared from a baby Angora goat. Kid mohair is extremely fine and the most soft and expensive of all the mohair grades making it the perfect yarn for socks. Its micron count is 23-38 which is very close to cashmere. Therefore Thermohair socks have the softness of cashmere without compromising the strength of mohair.

What is the Thermohair process?

The yarn used for Thermohair socks is made in South Africa from the mohair of Angora goats from South Africa and the United States. Mohair yarn is quite difficult to work with so there are not many hosiery companies that are willing to knit it. The mohair yarn in Thermohair socks is knit at one of Canada's few remaining mills. The finished socks are woven in a self crossing pattern for extra padded support, and are merged with synthetic nylon for the perfect stretch. The socks are then sized, sorted, labelled, some dyed, and shipped from the home farm, in Canada and distributed all across North America.

Why wear Thermohair Socks?

Thermohair socks are sure to keep your feet toasty warm so they are ideal for those working, commuting or playing outside in the cold. Thermohair socks are often worn by contractors, or those hunting or fishing. If you plan to do any type of skiing, hiking or snowshoeing then these socks are the perfect pair for you. There are specific Thermohair socks that have no extra elastic on the top so unrestricted blood can flow, to the feet, ensuring they don't get cold. This style are often worn by those needing therapeutic foot relief such as those with Raynaud's disease, heart disease and diabetes.

Why Thermohair Socks are the best!

Thermohair socks are super comfy as they are made of kid mohair which is the softest of all mohair grades
- Thermohair socks are strong so these socks won't wear out
- Thermohair socks are really warm
- Thermohair socks have the prefect stretch
- Thermohair socks are comprised of 75% all natural organic fibre
- Thermohair socks are rare and valuable
- Thermohair socks contain the highest amount of mohair on the market compared to to other brands
- Thermohair socks are knit and sold in Canada

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  • Carollyn Andrews: August 21, 2019

    Just the best – warm, comfy – couldn’t be better.

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